Culture in Business

Culture in business can be explained as a set of values, beliefs, customs, or practices shared by people in an organization and can characterize the organization. Culture is something that comes over time, and it depends on the people the organization hires, or how the organization models its employees to behave. Also, an organization’s culture is depicted through the operations of the organization, i.e., how the company handles its employees, the dress code of the employees, the setup of the office, and the general relationship of employees and the management.

A good boss is a leader in the organization who plans for the organization’s success and makes the employees feel comfortable while they do their designated duties. The leader is meant to coach the employees and reach their maximum potential using good communication and setting clear performance expectations. The boss is also supposed to put the organization’s vision as a priority and strive to reach it using the daily tasks. A good culture in business means that the employees understand and follow your organization’s conduct. Making the employees understand and uphold the business’s culture enables them to maintain their enthusiasm and meet the goals set for the business’s success.

My friend worked in one of the prominent insurance companies, and his story about the relationship with his boss was fascinating. He explains how he entered the office the first day and found the manager of the branch laughing and making jokes with his subordinates, and everyone adored him. As the days went by, his boss took him under his wing and mentored him in all insurance aspects. By the time my friend was finishing three months in the company, his colleagues and the manager were more than family to him, and he was doing well in his job.

Examples of companies with bad cultures are Uber, Amazon, and Forever 21. On the other hand, examples of companies with impeccable culture are Google, Hubspot, Zappos, and Warby Parker (“The Best and Worst Company Culture Examples”).

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