Bill of rights


Hello President Trump,

I want to note that there is no place in the world where rights are complete and compatible with the entire citizenry. It is vital to point out that nearly all amendments in the Bill of Rights have their fair share of restrictions. The U.S Supreme Court pronouncements, federal and state laws have set limitations on the freedoms in the Frist Amendment in a bid to safeguard the public interest. Balancing of individual rights goes a long way in promoting stability in the societal setting. I am writing this email to you since two significant developments occurred in the community setting that matters a lot to me. The government forcefully evacuated people out of their homes. The citizens were not given a chance to exercise their right of bringing constitutionally owned rifles to storm shelters.

The government’s forceful evacuation of people correlated to the Fourth Amendment. It safeguards the citizenry from unlawful searches. In this regard, the government has no jurisdiction of taking citizens’ belongings without the issuance of a relevant warrant. The school of thought guides that these people will not have a safe place to stay, thereby rendered homeless. I strongly affirm my viewpoint since the U.S citizenry is protected by the Fourth Amendment not be evacuated from their residences.

The second point of concern is that the citizenry is not allowed to carry along legally owned rifles. This point correlates with the Second Amendment, which allows the citizenry to protect themselves from the government’s abuse of power. It is essential to note that Citizens use their firearms for protection. In this regard, the Bill of Rights clearly states that citizens should have the right to protect themselves. Therefore, these two actions by the government are unlawful since it denies the citizens their rights. Thank you for taking your time and reading this email.





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