Abolitionist is a person who supports the abolition of inhuman acts, mostly slavery. I relate more to the abolitionist position because, in a case like slavery, it is very inhuman to deprive people of their human rights and also their freedom (Barry 524). It is not fair removing people from their motherland and transporting them to other countries; instead, they should be allowed to enjoy rights and privileges in their own homeland. No individual is special than the other; we are all equal, and therefore oppressing others should be highly condemned, and people should begin valuing the personal freedom of others. Besides, it is not biblical to cause suffering and even kill a fellow human being. The Bible teaches that we should love one another and treat people with kindness. Morally, it is wrong to humiliate each other, and it does not please God, He treats oppression as abominable. Therefore, I would be confident to support abolitionism.

According to my own understanding, terrorism is any act that causes suffering and claims the lives of individuals. Terrorism uses violence and intimidation unlawfully, mostly against persons, property, or citizens for political or social aims. Several factors led to the rise and increase of terrorism in the 20th and 21st centuries. The factors included social-economic reasons, governmental mistakes, corrupted government, anti-governmental issues, injustice, ethnic, poverty, weak government, ideological conflicts, and negative attitude towards modernization. Ethically, terror acts should never be tolerated, never should they be justified for they destroy lives and property, kidnapped children are murdered, brutality in places of worship, economic effects and reduced or lack of tourism, passengers are hijacked on their journey (Otis 189). Thus, it is crucial to combat acts of terror to avoid instilling fear in people and eradicate the consequences of terrorism.

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