Part of or Apart from Nature


In my view, human beings are part of nature. That is because we have a lot in common with animals in that we depend on nature to survive. In this regard, human beings are fundamentally connected to nature. This reasoning is guided by the school of thought human beings are not separate but a different species that share a bigger ecosystem with other animals in the natural context. It shows that nature is not a separate entity from the human race since human beings and nature coexist together, thereby depicting a one-to-one relationship to nature (Allen, 2018). It is thus evident that human beings and nature constitute a more extensive system whereby when we harm nature, we harm ourselves as well. That necessitates the need of environmental ethics in ensuring that nature is beneficial to both human beings and animals (Jennings, Yun, & Larson, 2016). In this regard, we see the importance of having meaningful ethical reasoning, whereby we tend to have a personal worldview that dictates our decision-making process. It is worth noting that a worldview communicates background presumptions that many a time is subconscious. Therefore, when we consciously approach our worldview, we see how unevaluated presumptions and beliefs dictate our relationships, thinking, and behaviours.

I think that ethical reasoning as discussed above and observing environmental ethics shows how human beings are part of nature. The responsibility of making sure that all the other species live in an accommodating and enabling environment justifies the relationship that human beings have with nature (Seymour, 2016). That depicts a “symbiosis’ kind of relationship whereby humans and other environmental species live together and at the same time, depending on each other for their natural coexistence through biological and mutualistic interactions. Therefore, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that human beings are part of nature since they constitute a broader ecosystem that has other species such as animals.


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