conceptual framework and conceptual map


The conceptual framework and conceptual map are analytical tools that are used to organize ideas and conceptual distinctions. The conceptual framework describes the significant variables for a study and maps out how different variables might be related to each other. The conceptual framework will map the expected relationship between the variables and properties that you want to study. Therefore, a conceptual framework and concept map is used to acquire an inclusive understanding of a phenomenon.

The conceptual framework can be utilized in a different field but most commonly used to visually explain the key variables and concepts as well as the relationship between them. These can be a simple physical model, diagram, or pictures. For instance, a conceptual framework can be used to offer a constant vision of teaching that will guide instructional decisions and the curriculum of the Unit facility. Therefore, the conceptual framework and the concept map support the goals of project or program outcomes.

Concept Map






Considerably, the dispositions and quality of teachers are primary to the preservation and growth of society. Therefore, there is a need to have caring, knowledgeable, and highly qualified education professionals. The unit prepares teachers through a quality program that is based on best practices, knowledge, and strategies that impact student learning and meet the needs of the diverse populations.

Through the conceptual framework, the unit has aimed at producing educators that are ready for the profession and who have a good understanding of education, well-established philosophy, and knowledge that have a direct influence on student learning. As an educator, I will rely on the four knowledge strands, evaluative, conceptual, strategic, and communicative as the fundamental components to become an effective educator with a positive influence on student learning and experiences.


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