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Changes in the forms of globalism

From my perspective, the various forms of globalism have contributed to the obesity of third world countries because they stimulate the smaller and calorie consumption of the expenditures. However, the forms have transformed rapidly and significantly with social changes. Changes in globalism over the decades are seeking to explain the world that is characterized by transformation networks of multi-continental developments. The changes explain the interconnection of the modern patterns and highlights of the world. Moreover, the changes have accelerated, and developments are being linked to the substandard growth of the nations.

The economic globalism has transformed to involve the long-distance flow of services, goods, information, perceptions, and capital that accompanies the market exchanges. The flow has assisted in organizing the various processes that link the markets. An example is a change in wage production in Asia for the European and American markets.

In the present day, social and cultural globalism is controlled by the internet that has globalized information by reducing the costs. The transformation has made the flow of information independent as compared to the other forms of globalism. An example is the diffusion of scientific knowledge. Military globalism, such as the balance of terror, has changed over the decades by being manifested in tragic events. In this transformation, geographical distances are shrunk, that results in threats of attack. An example of military globalism is the strategic interdependence Cold war that is well organized between modern conflicting countries.  The change has enhanced interdependence in massive attacks that are very distinctive.

The final form is environmental globalism that entails the transport of materials in the oceans, atmosphere, and biological means. The form has changed over the decades to involve the increased consumption of products that cause less stress to the environment. Furthermore, the environment has led to enhanced and improved transport of food and materials from one place to another.

In conclusion, globalism is the underlying primary network that underlines the patterns of a modern world.  With the changes of globalism over the decades; globalism is accompanied by the uncertainty that includes a competition of the increased complexity in homogenization. The factor is exposing the world to a more varied and frequency that surrounds the world.



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