Travel Blog

Travel Blog

The tourism sector is branded by the ever-increasing competitiveness, making destinations to search for new techniques of attracting tourists. Conventionally, decisions to vacation at a specific location is inferred, in part, as a balanced estimation of the expenditures of a set of other destinations. These were obtained from exterior sources of information such as travel blogs. There are many travel blogs accessible for individuals to share and learn about travelling experiences. Currently, as a traveller, I search for experiences through travel blogs which have turned out to be a source of encouragement for destination searching and planning for vacations.

Favourite Travel blogs

One of my favourite travel blogs is Expert Vagabond. Expert Vagabond, is operated by a man known as Mathew. I love the blog as it presents very astonishing posts and data regarding numerous destinations globally. Mathew has several amazing and exceptional experiences and guidelines to share with individuals that are fascinated with such escapades. This travel blog is one of the most popular blogs about traveling on the internet, ranging from bull sharks in Fiji or hitchhiking in America (Expert Vagabond Adventure Travel & Photography Blog, 2020). This is because the subject is extremely exceptional and motivating, yet enlightening at the same time.

Another favourite travel blog is the Hand Luggage Only blog. ‘Hand Luggage Only’ originally started with 2 campus learners’ desire of sharing their travelling experiences with other learners (Hand Luggage Only | Travel, Food and Home blog + Travel Planner! 2020). When a person visits blog, one gets to view a well-organised travelling site. It not only provides information regarding travelling but similarly concerning film making and nutrition. They offer tips and facts regarding the topics to those that visit the site. The picture quality from their escapades is exceptional. As it is observed from the comments, they are extremely receptive to their guests. In addition to numerous social media sites, they integrate email subscriptions to access additional guests to the blog.

Another favourite blog is the Bemused BackPacker. Mike Huxley has voyaged to numerous global destinations. I like the blog as it maintains the objective of aiding others discover the universe on a budget. Individuals with the desire to experience truly extraordinary escapades globally without much expenses will absolutely discover this blog as an incredible source (Bemused Backpacker, 2020). Those that seek to devise ways to avoid causing animal brutality when touring may also view the blog as a great resource.


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