Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 agenda set by the United Nations is aimed at building a better future for all nations. A global blueprint of dignity, peace and prosperity for the people is provided in the sustainable development agenda of 2030. The objectives that are as well referred to as global goals apply to all nations regardless of the economic state whose main goals are the fight against poverty, climate change management and minimizing the spectrum of inequality. Member nations effectively use them in tackling the shared global issues notwithstanding the differences in the policies.

International trade impacts the environment and social sustainability in certain ways. International trade has resulted in illegal logging, deforestation and environmental pollution. The practices not only undermine environmental conservation that lead to climate change and global warming but also results in the reduction in the profit margins of legal trading. Impact of international trade on social sustainability is that it results to rapid urbanization in developing countries that results to problems such as poor health and infrastructure as well as increased poverty. Urbanization on the other hand, helps in the fight against global warming as it aides the growth of vegetation on marginal farmlands.

Chances of nations fully complying with the 2030 agenda on sustainable development goals are minimal in developing nations as a result of numerous challenges. The nations have made insufficient progress in attaining the goals due to the fact that most developed nations contain the most disadvantaged and marginalized groups in reference to the youth that are more likely to be unemployed as compared to the adults (Assembly, 2015). Another hindrance is the failure in various forms of governance that are mostly witnessed in both developed and developing countries. Countries with governance issues, are seeking the support of other leaders in order to achieve sustainable development that is universal.

Governments cannot achieve this on their own as not all nations have the same starting point and therefore a sense of urgency must be injected. In order to accomplish the set agenda, immediate actions in terms of collaborative partnerships are to be undertaken amongst all the stakeholders and governments by incorporating technology. An example is that all nations approved the limitation of the climate change impacts through human activities. China and India rely more on generators that use coal in the expansion of the electrical grid. The rapid decline in solar energy is assisting in weaning both nations off the use of coal.

According to Popescu (2016) multinational companies are essential in their role towards the actualization of the goals. The main objective of multinational companies is channelling both physical and financial help to developing nations that are grappling with a shortage of capital. As a result, there is the creation of wealth that also assists in creation of jobs. Moreover, the income generated from the enterprises assists developing countries in improving infrastructure as well as strengthening human capital. In improving efficient flow of capital, the enterprises reduce the rate of poverty and also provide a conducive environment for the United Nations to work towards achieving their agenda. Multinational enterprises play a critical role in the spread of “green” technologies and in the creation of vast markets for environmentally friendly products. Example is when the enterprises initiated efforts that were aimed at assisting domestic suppliers qualify for eco-labelling as well as ISO 1400 certification.


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