Research Question on Scheduling System

Research Question on Scheduling System

Research topic:

Does migrating to a new time schedule prove effective?


Migrating to a new time schedule will improve workforce productivity.


Rowley(260) conducting a two-step evaluation process that will entail the use of a survey questionnaire and the use of informal interviews that will be based on the scheduling problems and the scheduling advantages that will be rated using a scale of 1 to 5.

Independent Variable: Scheduling Problems, Scheduling advantages

Dependent Variable: Ratings

Scheduling problems are rated from a scale of 1 (no real problem) to 5(very severe problem) to rate the severity of the potential problems

Problem                                               Ratings

Personnel scheduling disruptions       3.72

Workload increase                              4.14

Upsurge in communication problems 3.90

Late arrivals causing family disputes 3.87

Long work resulting to fatigue           3.72

Scheduling advantages of the new 4/40 scheduling over the previous 5/40 system using a scale of 1 to 5 in rating.

Potential advantage                            Ratings

Improvement in employees’ morale   2.81

Decrease in absenteeism                     3.95

Increase in leisure time                       4.11

Lowering of transportation costs        4.15

Mediator variable: Time schedule for each employee

Moderator Variable: merits and demerits of the time schedule of the new proposed program.

The sample design experiment would ideally be conducted at the Bailey-Jenkins clinic.  This is because the clinic employs twenty specialized physicians as well as over three hundred technical and support staff. The results of the study can only be attributed to the staff at the Bailey-Jenkins clinic. The staff at the clinic may give different ratings as result of the different time schedules. According to Leung (234) the experiment would be conducted in different workplaces and expand the number of employees that are to be tested in order to expand the generalizability of the research.

Voss (176) states that in the event that the hypothesis fails, it could be assumed that not all time schedules were put into consideration and that an expanded research must be conducted to include all the staff time schedules.

Works Cited

Rowley, Jennifer. “Conducting research interviews.” Management research review 35.3/4 (2012): 260-271.

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