Power by Audre Lorde

Power by Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde’s piece is a very captivating piece to study. Power is a piece of art of art documented after a police officer of white descent is acquitted for the killing of a ten year old black child. The poem is founded on real life situation. Being a black feminist, Audre Lorde honours this moment in the history of America with her poem “Power”. Through the use of various artistic aspects such as evocative imagery and repetition, she fortifies young Clifford Glover’s memory in the thoughts of every individual that reads the poem.

Corruption is a form of manipulative behavior by a person trusted with a place of specialist, often to advance an individual advantage. Corruption can integrate many aspects includes gifts and theft. Nonetheless, it may similarly comprise of practices that are genuine in many countries. This unprincipled behavior is verified by the jury that is chosen to determine the lawsuit against the white police officer for killing of a ten-year old kid. The jury consists of 10 white male and one black woman, solidly concurred that the respondent had no case to respond to. I view this as a form of a corrupt and racism aspect illustrated by Lorde in the poem power when she states “They convinced me.”  This illustrates the authority of the white race and effect is being manipulated at ranks where hardworking approaches should be controlled by code ethics (Aesthetic, 2018). In this case, they illustrate how the white members were able to convince the sole black member. Notwithstanding the proof presented demonstrating that a veteran police officer served the enforcement agency for thirteen years was culpable.

While Lorde expresses her fury regarding the issue, I believe that the piece provides an in-depth illustration of the poet’s capability to offer what is considered as “persistently clinical exploration”. This frequently results in an opinion of human character which is perhaps, the eventual validation for art. The poem uses artistic components such as imagery that clearly convey the message. She compares the black woman’s surrender to coating her womb with cement or making a graveyard for her young children.  Fascinatingly, “Power” emerges at various noteworthy passages in the poem.  In the first instance, from viewpoint of Glover’s mother, child’s mother is seen as being lost.  Lorde is vicariously signifying the manner in which every parent whose young child was taken away from her may be persuaded to integrate the emotive reaction in the most affirmative possible method to honour the casualty’s legacy.

While evaluating the poem, I have observed the power Lorde has a poet.  She states that “my authority too will be unethical as venomous mold” (“Power by Audre Lorde | Poetry Foundation”, 2020).  She displays the authority she has by showing the inequality structure that has been utilized lawfully to overpower the black community. This is clearly shown when the law enforcement officer is acquitted of the charges. This will create fear that if the black section fails to recognize the authority they possess as the lone method of exposing and fighting oppression. This will offer hope to the reader to combat repression and have impartiality when she states that the individual will certainly not harm a soul.


By being factually outstripped and out-manned, Ederica Campbell surrendered to the supposed insistent emotional- and physical manipulation. Although, for a short period in the room, she possessed a certain authority level. This poem should be regarded as a request to every poet to act–particularly black egalitarianist composers–to remind them that their authoritative verses can alter change the course of racism that has been existent in this apparent “land of the free” if they are courageous enough to generate and disseminate them.


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