Mod 4 Clothing Discussion

Michael Foucault’s concept of “discourse” indicates a social system that generates knowledge and meaning. A majority of people utilize diverse materials to offer significance without necessarily utilizing languages, in the same manner how an individual dresses conveys a message about the person. Most of the clothing I dawn comprises of basketball shorts and t-shirts. This is because most of my time is spent working from home. When opting to step out, I may only change depending on the weather pattern. My main reason for dawning the simple clothing is to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable universe.

In most instances, I do select the clothes to wear. This signifies that I take care of myself by guaranteeing that every item I wear is spotless, ironed out and looks new. My spouse is aware of the clothing I prefer. I have the choice of dawning a casual, smart, or entirely elegant depending on the occasions and how contented I am. However, I do enjoy wearing the latest clothing brands in the fashion industry. In regards to the discourse, the clothing are a representation of the perceived social status and attract attention by wearing renowned brands

Regarding the fashion industry and clothing stores, numerous options are available. However, I will opt to dress in what I am comfortable in. My choice of clothing is a clear indication of what people perceive me without having to constantly use any expressions. They view me as an individual that is laid back. However, I embrace specific qualities and standards to high regard on the basis of the art and symbolic aspects embedded in my clothing.  My clothing selections occasionally go with what trends in the fashion industry. I do not allow my dressing to control me, instead I do control what I dawn.

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