Ethics Discussion

Ethics Discussion

Question 1

We can develop our ethics from a tender age. We can be taught in homes, schools and social gatherings. Most individuals acquire values through the church and watching news broadcastings. Ethical values can be based on what is observed and learnt at a tender age. If a young child is taught awful things from homes or other settings, then there is a higher likelihood of having the thoughts etched in their minds that it is the correct thing to undertake. If children are exposed good morals, they will adapt to the good conduct. The primary sources for the development of the ethical positions includes reading books and classroom experiences with the teachers. Another primary source revolves around strengths and weaknesses. An individual has the ability to endure they are strong. Individuals gain an ethical position from doing the right things.

Question 2

Group thinking is based on the concept that individuals that form a group are driven to come to a shared agreement or an untimely pronouncement instead of using all other conceivable and sensible resolutions. Group thinking comprises of several advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include work is quickly and efficiently done. The other advantage is that it enhances cooperation and improves the social skills. A major disadvantage attributed to group thinking includes ruining relationships due to disagreements. Another disadvantage is that it is likely to have a negative impact on an individual’s creativity as one may perceive a person’s idea as a waste of time.

Question 3

It is possible to be ethical and successful at the same time. In a workplace setting, portraying business ethics improves the likelihood of the co-workers and supervisors growing fond of a member of staff. Ethics may define the business and if the business has poor ethics, then it may show.  If a business proprietor reports to the premises in hoodies and sweatpants, it will portray a bad image and ultimately affect the diverse operations of the company. If a magistrate is viewed as unethical, then it may lead to injustice in the society. How an individual uses unethical behaviour will have an impact on the success aspect of the business, both individually and career wise.

Question 4

While driving to the shopping center, I saw an injured man hit by a speeding vehicle that eventually sped off. This individual required much needed attention and because I am trained on administering first aid, I opted to stop. However, regarding the legal aspect, I am not allowed to stop and administer first aid. This is because if the injured individual gets more injuries due to my assistance, I will be held liable. Continuing with my journey may suggests that I am not involved in the situation. In this case, failing to stop and assist the individual is in contradiction with my ethical values and principles as an accountable.

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