Domains Registrar

Domains Registrar

Domains make it easy and accessible for internet users as compared to having to key in long sequences of digits known as IP addresses in order to gain access to websites. Domain names solve this issue by permitting websites to select addresses through words that are easy to remember. Domain name registrar is a firm that enables one to acquire as well as register domain names. Several domain registrars will be highlighted considering information rankings, customer reviews and prices.


GoDaddy Company is regarded as the oldest and most popular domain hosting company that manages over 77 million domain names for more than 18million clients with an outstanding 9.8 rating according to client reviews (Holmes et.,al 2014). They have a wide range of packages that range from Economy for £1.00 for basic sites, deluxe package from £3.00 best suited for small business websites and lastly the Ultimate package from £6.99 for complex and high traffic sites.


Hostgator is another firm that offers a variety of services that range from various domain names to shared website hosting and has a rating of 9.5 considering the user’s reviews and ratings. The main features include easy to control panel and 45 day money back guarantee that makes it a viable choice amongst users. The various packages include the hatchling plan at $2.75, baby package at $3.95 and also the highly recommended business package at $5.95 all on a monthly basis. Also offers free registration for 1 year on shared annual plans.


Hostinger offers a wide range of packages that involve shared hosting. They include the single plan at $0.99 that does not include a free domain, premium plan at $2.59 that includes free domain and weekly backup and lastly the business plan at an offer $4.09 with daily backup and free domain. Based on the client reviews, many consider hostinger as it is affordable, fast and their control panel is stylish.


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