Causal Analysis on Immigration

Causal Analysis on Immigration

Whether it is looking for a fresh start in life or being compelled to leave the country of origin, most foreigners opt to migrate universally. Every migrant that seeks to move to move to a foreign nation should adhere to a set of regulations in a specific region. Nonetheless, there are plenty of migrants that access the nation unlawfully by falsifying official papers. There are almost more than 10 million illegal settlers with a steady population growth every year.  Unlawful migration may lead to a reduction of job openings, high injury prospects and diseases, and a surge in criminal practices. Most individuals flee their nation of origin to pursue a sense of belonging in other regions. Immigration in Trevor Noah’s article, Born A crime, is attributed to various facets such as warfare, persecution and economic challenges.

According to Coyle, warfare may be describe as a state of armed dispute amongst diverse nations or groups of individuals in a region (189). Warfare infrequently arises founded on a single reason or occurrence, they typically transpire when a combination of concerns and variances hinder harmony amongst nations and individuals. As a result of war that transpire in nations such as Iraq, Somalia and Sudan, most citizens see the need to  in countries such as Syria, Iraq, and Sudan, many people feel the need to escape from their homes. In most cases, war ravaged nations experience aerial attacks, bombings, crossfires, murders, and makeshift explosive gadgets. This results in damaging of homes and death of innocent families. As a result of the disastrous happenings, many citizens seek level-headedness and security in nations distant from their country of origin. Migration to nations that will offer security and improved living standards gradually solves the feeling of dislodgment in immigrants.

Religious oppression, likewise considered as sacred resentment, attained its pinnacle beginning. The hostility and suppression experienced by persecuted people is subject to the particular sacred principles and connections. Therefore, many seek refuge in nations that promote spiritual liberty. The realm’s major faith factions; Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, are classified as the topmost targets of radical restraints and social aggression. In approximately 144 nations, persecution events comprising of Christians, Muslims, and Hindus were registered (Coyle 189). The disputes varied between discernment, oral attack, physical assaults, and demolition of sacred places. A majority of Muslims in the United States have also experienced instances they are branded as terrorists. To flee the abuse and bias of being allied with specific religious factions, most individuals will move to areas that support multiculturalism and be regarded as part of the society.

Economic concerns is also an aspect that facilitates immigration. In nations such as Mexico and Philippines, the economy registered a ten percent decline from the year 2000. Since a majority of migrants originate from destitute households, it hinders their capability to seek a livelihood. With the growing economic challenges, immigrants find the need to relocate to cater for basic needs such as food and shelter.  Having access to the basic amenities instils a sense of confidence. Of the twelve million migrants in the United States, a projected eight million are in employment (Coyle 189). Relocating to foreign nations to establish a better way of life has also prompted immigrants to seek higher education. While in nations, for instance, Mexico, the rate of graduation in high school education was projected at 45%. Accessibility to higher education and enhanced paying professions, develops a sense of belonging in their new community.


Warfare, sacred oppression, and economic problems are aspects that facilitates migration to other foreign nations. Migrants may go as far as falsifying legitimate government official papers to get away from catastrophes, and live in nations illegitimately. Migration is considered as a chance for individuals to live a contented life away from the challenges.  It is a life devoid of fear, instilling a sense of belonging, and has the ability to experience individual growth and be content.

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