Buffalo Medical Group

Buffalo Medical Group

The organization chosen for analysis of the organization structure is the Buffalo medical group. This medical group consists of vertical mechanism with communication lines that go from the top hierarchy to the bottom members of staff. This form of bureaucratic framework is incorporated with an aim of streamlining the services but has developed a repute as being regarded as ineffective. This may result to numerous communication barriers amongst the members of staff. According to Sullivan and Garland (2018), the personnel see this structure as a hindrance that may need a circumvention. The medical organization integrates a functional structure with a centralized tendency for the decision making processes. Bearing a centralized decision making process may assist in reducing the complication levels in the narrow scope.

This is whereby it represents an unfair understanding of other divisions within the corporation may lead to less holistic patient care. The chain of command represented in the tree diagram illustrates accountability within the organization. Listing of job titles in the group clarifies the degree of authority each level is accountable for. In addition, this illustrates the leaders in every department and identifies the leaders that can be accessed in times of need. The diagram also clarifies also clarifies the span of control. It helps identify the number of workers that report to the different levels of management in the organization. A majority of the members of staff such as the nurses, lab technicians and medical assistants are liable to the site supervisors who in turn report to the high level of authority.  In this case, different departmental heads present reports to the chief operations officer of the organization. The officer is then accountable to the high management in the organization.

Response to Janice

Hello Janice, it is good that that the chosen corporation uses a horizontal mechanism. This is a great approach as it involves open communication. I concur that the approach is viable boosts the staff morale and instils a sense of belonging which increases the level of confidence. The members of staff are the fundamental facets within an organization and therefore it is important to safeguard their interests through open communication. Integrating the views of the members of staff is vital in enhancing the positive operations of the organization. In most corporations, the vertical approach is majorly used. In this instance, the staff’s opinion does not count since each decision is based on the management. I believe it is important when the health practitioners have the chance to converse with the top management. This guarantees effective resolution of challenges.

Response to Amber

Hello Amber, I concur that the vertical approach presents a great hindrance to the organizations aim to accomplish the set objectives. I believe that the vertical approach ought to be used in particular scenarios. However, I also believe that the integration of horizontal approach is significantly important in order to integrate the personnel’s point of view. An open form of communication is an important facet since the vertical approach fails to incorporate the feature. Organizations are finding the profits of integrating horizontal organizational framework within a workstation.  The horizontal organizational structure stresses on employee-centred method with the focus on collaboration and partnership. This lets for focus and investing time and energy on company objectives.  As horizontal organizational structure focuses on the groups, when groups effectively work together, each person profits. Every person has a reason for the group to accomplish its goals.


Sullivan, E. J., & Garland, G. (2010). Practical leadership and management in nursing.

Pearson Education.

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