Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

Primary Sources Study 4

Read the excerpt from Apuleius’ Metamorphoses (please see the attached copy). Using the reading to support your answer, address certain concepts in the prayer that we have been noting along the way in this course, such as Mother Earth and fruitfulness/fertility, fate and the celestial objects, as well as salvation.

From Apuleius Metamorphoses, Apuleius reflects on the extent of how he worships Isis because of the power she possesses. He continuously indicates the manner in which Isis “revolves the earth, lights the sun, rules the world and tread Tartarus beneath the heel” (Fiero, 2015).  Similar to what is learnt all through the entire course, there is a significant link as a result of studying plenty of gods and goddesses that have been possession of this form of power. The Hindu Idols Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva relate themselves with the three principal illustrations of Brahmanic power. They include creation, preservation, and destruction. For example, similar to Buddha spreading his explanation through his expressions, Apuleius sought to illustrate how influential Isis was using, not just his expressions, but in the manner Isis commanded the elements and life.

Read the excerpt from Dante’s Divine Comedy (please see the attached copy). Please answer the following questions: Whom does Dante find in the ninth circle of Hell? Why are thy there? Please cite the Divine Comedy to support your answers.

The Divine Comedy was generated by Dante in the course of the medieval period. It illustrates life and death particularly documented the Christian manner, which is the key explanation behind being regarded as a medieval epic.  God’s “plans” illustrated through having ethical, political and religious apprehension in the course of the era in history. In Dante’s Ninth Circle, Satan is depicted as a gigantic monster that is frozen up to his chest at the center of Hell (Dante, 2017) Dante recounts seeing three facades on Satan’s head and a two bat-like wings that are positioned under every wing. Within the three mouths, he grinds on Judas, Brutus and Cassius. For Dante, because he was deceived, this was the harsh section of Hell. The key reason that Satan is located in the ninth circle, is because he was at one time the Angel of Light and had attempted to subjugate God.  As a castigation, God expatriated Satan from Heaven to hell as the ultimate sinner.


Dante, A. (2017). The divine comedy. Aegitas.

Fiero, Gloria K. (2015). The Humanistic Tradition, Volume 1: Prehistory to the Early Modern World (7th edition). Boston: McGraw-Hill.


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