Analysis of Racism

Analysis of Racism

Natural Science illustrates how biology and chemistry aspects shape an individual’s perspective on a certain issue.  It is viewed as how the procedure is labelled, perceived or foreseen, from a natural viewpoint of the universe. It is frequently assessed through scientific processes, by researchers that frequently associate the natural science lens back to the diversity lens. Natural Science defines how nature shapes human beings into who they are as person, society and race of individuals. Other aspects such as evolution, microbiology and zoology, and medicine are all components of natural science. Applied science is basically described as the application of prevailing scientific information to hands-on applications, for instance, technology and inventions. This likewise offers an explanation that natural science, fields that are basic science, similarly known as pure science, cultivate basic evidence to foresee and maybe clarify and comprehend the phenomena in the natural universe.

Natural and Applied Science

The subject on racial inequality offers a commentary through natural science as it offers information on the diverse inherent composition of sportspersons, their place of origin and how innately they are physically developed. This is attributed to the nature or where they were created of lived. The philosophy of racism is a racial disparity that is reliant on a genetic determinism on the basis of science. From the 1930s to the 1950s, science developments, particularly in human heredities and anthropology, resulted in retreating from scientific racism and biological determinism (Das & Lowe, 2018). By using natural and applied science, researchers have the ability to track the history. By using DNA and immigration, it provides a connection of how blacks existed, human origin and how they were transferred to other regions as slave labour. For instance, the tall and big stature and thickness are aspects that the community associated with Hispanic citizens and considered as the ideal individuals for various sporting activities such as contact sport. Hispanic citizens are also portrayed as people that possess small brains, branding them less intellectuals.

This clearly clarifies how race is different from one another and what are their dominant over certain areas and areas where they may be inferior. According to DeCapua (2015), the aspect of race is considered as a shorthand representation in science but the generic obstacles in the race circle, has more significance in the science world. Lawrence (2018) illustrates why they are erroneous. He continues to state that their concepts are founded on an outdated comprehension of genetics, on an extreme ignorance of the African anthropological evidence. Moreover, there is an inappropriate belief in the concept that IQ tests assess hardwired general intellect, and that normal IQ scores of diverse populaces can be effectively compared.  Another facet is that with progression and ailments, it is believed that brainpower was another genetic factor reduced, because of the color of the skin and the type of body. However, this may not be a proven aspect despite being regularly used against the black community.

Science may assist in solving or enhancing the racism issue by raising awareness on the variances of the ancient times. Having a variance in chromosomal combination may not denote that there is a probable intimidation when engaging in sporting activities. With respect to every person’s inherent variances and makeup, the discourse about racial inequality on black athletes may soon be considered as a thing of the past. It may function as combining numerous puzzles to generate changes within the sporting sector. Blacks may have knowledgeable perspectives, as the white people. Similarly, white individuals may possess robust physical characteristics as the black community, devoid of predisposition.

The applied or natural science has an impact on an individual’s capability to implement a play, interrelate mentally and ways an athlete is able to physically grow. Taking these fundamentals and executing them by training and developing athletes, may assist in increasing the development aspects of all athletes. This may be regarded as the beginning of a more diverse sporting sector.

Social Sciences

Social science is the study of human beings and the human behavior in the community and those around other nations. It is the study of the things and their nature. The position, society, and the intellectual capacity or their progression in the community. It is the result or growth in the social world that offers a great description of social science. Discrimination of blacks offers the topographical location of Africans, the terrane and how they functioned, along with how it resulted in them being reliable manual labourers that were viewed as an avenue of exploitation (Elias & Feagin, 2016).  Therefore, the blacks were transported as a commodity to other nations and sold into slavery.  The black community is now assimilated into other cultures, which resulted in them feeling lesser or having a strong voice against the maltreatment. This form of interaction resulted in major political unrests. Blacks planned to develop a voice for themselves and United States citizens viewed and treated them. For example, the blacks struggled to be free and equal, to avert any form of slavery.

According to Hooker (2017), the subject of blacks being discriminated against and restrained from expressing themselves has been seen for a long duration as a way making them remain unheard. For example, Jimmy Snyder, sports prognosticator reiterated on how he viewed the black community within the sports industry. As a result of the high thighs that go up into his back, this made the black athletes become more dominant as compared to other ethic races.  He dreaded that if offered the knowledge, the black community would command every sporting activity, by training, playing and scrutinizing. This concept represents how most of the white owners within the sporting industry have a perception of the black community. This is the sole reason why they attempt to tame their standpoints on injustice and inaccessible from the social sphere.  The proprietors and leadership of the sporting sector attempt to maintain a hard stance on what is articulated and represented by the sportspersons.

According to Winant (2015), the social science lens assists in articulating an in-depth comprehension of the social issue of black community not having an opinion as it depicts in impression of how the universe generally views every black community.  The aspect of blacks having dominant physical aspects is aimed at maintaining mental inferiority while the white counterparts maintain the intellectual superiority. This is a clear manifestation of how an athlete from a specific race may stage peaceful protests but receive varied responses based on the skin color.  For example, Tim Tebow, a renowned athlete, was held in high esteem for kneeling on the field. However, for Colin Kaepernick, he was greatly criticized and blackballed for taking the same stance.

The social science within the sporting sector negatively portrays the black athletes, while the white sportspersons accorded a positive coverage taints an unmoral standpoint on a specific race within the sporting industry. Discernment is not the only aspect that has an influence on the contemporary prospects, nor is it even the most important. Nonetheless, comprehending when and how discernment is significant in allocation of resources and openings is vital. Even though there has been considerable racial growth, the socioeconomic security for Americans of African descent and other factions are still low. This signifies that as a community, it is important to continue researching and developing alternative of reducing inequalities and uniting as a group.




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