Analysis of Freedom’s Journal

Analysis of Freedom’s Journal

The first African American Newspaper of 1827, formally known as Freedom’s Journal, aimed at making the readers believe their opinion counts. The newspaper was published on a weekly basis in New York. In this case, the Freedom’s Journal was a mode of acknowledging the corruption and hatred that African Americans experienced each day. Freedom’s Journal presented the audience with world-wide, nation-wide, and local news for entertainment and education.  The newspaper sought to enhance the living conditions of approximately 300,000 Hispanic men and women residing in the North. The newspaper expanded audience understanding of the universe by highlighting editorials on nations such as Sierra Leone and Haiti.

Freedom’s Journal distributed autobiographies of prominent black citizens and lists of births, mortalities, slavery and weddings within the community.  To inspire black accomplishment, it presented profiles of well-known black individuals. For instance, Paul Cuffee, who possessed a trade vessel operated black individuals. Freedom’s Journal was not born exclusively out of the apparent want to guard black citizens as much as a need to develop a environment that expresses their views. The newspaper sought to concurrently strengthen amongst black societies in Northern region of the United States.


The advertisement discussed in the Freedom’s journal was based on a fugitive slave uprising in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A slaveholder originating from Maryland known as Edward Gorsuch may have assassinated by a crowd of free and fugitive black citizens in Christina. This happened as him and a federal marshal, attempted to detain three young men who had fled from the Gorsuch farmhouse. The editorial’s title the following day was “The Christina Outrage”. The Freedom’s Journal was not developed principally for racist assaults, but instead to advance civic training and equality, to nurture ethnic pride, and to boost unity amongst the communities. These attributes were something that may certainly not be taken away, instead, it was an aspect to be satisfied and strive to build.


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