Abnormality is considered as a social trait given to individuals with disorders considered as sporadic or dysfunctional. Behaviors are thought to be uncharacteristic when it is nonconforming, comprises of detrimental behavior, and leads to weakening of a person’s functioning. Abnormality is normally considered as divergent from a particular social, ethnic and moral outlooks. These prospects are generally reliant on age, sex, conventional and social classifications. The description of abnormal behavior is a frequently deliberated subject in abnormal psychology due to the subjective variables.  The typical principles in psychology and psychanalysis is that of mental disorder. Abnormality is determined on the basis of a medical diagnosis. Determination of abnormality is based upon medical diagnosis.

Why there are numerous continuum

Mental well-being continuum concept foresees the human brain on an unceasing rectilinear standpoint. It assists in identifying particular behavioural models that may require responsiveness and recommends methods of dealing with the dangers that result to distress. The mental health continuum is frequently utilized in connection with the BETLS. The Behavior, Emotions, Thoughts, Learning, and Social Relationship concept is used for various reasons. Foremost, used in ascertaining the principal reasons of deficiency in the day to day activities. Used to gather data regarding the diverse mental health conditions of an individual.

As a dependable self-help means for experts at work, the mental health continuum concept is a common selection amongst leaders and managers in numerous health institutions.  As a part of organizational psychology, the continuum helps in numerous ways. First helps in ascertaining the sources of anxiety amongst members of staff in every level. Inspiring personnel to cultivate a vigorous mind-set that may assist in overcoming agony and moving to the other part of the continuum. Preserving an affirmative development mind-set amongst individuals recuperating from any form of abnormality. Lastly, devising ways of dealing with the mental catastrophes efficiently and not letting them to endanger the well-being.





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