Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Beverage Company is an international firm that produces and sells a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. The firm’s mission is using our brands and actions to encourage moments of confidence and contentment. The firm’s vision is offering a wide range of beverages to satisfy the populations’ desire and to nurture network partners with an aim of dominating the market in order to build mutual loyalty. The company’s values are collaboration, integrity and accountability. To continue thriving in business, a long term plan is to be developed in regards to the changing trends in future. The stakeholders in the company include the shareholders, government authorities as well as the capital providers.

SWOT analysis

Strength includes recognition of the brand around the world due to the classic red and white colors as well as the famous jingle that are the signature logo of the company resonate well with clients of all ages. Solid distribution network as the wide range of products are distributed to more the two hundred nations as result of the large distribution network. Weakness includes management of water which is vital in the production of the agricultural ingredients that the business relies on. Water being a scarce commodity in most parts of the world, results to the firm incurring higher costs adversely affecting the profit margins. .

Another weakness is the currency fluctuation whereby the increase or decrease of the US dollar against other currencies influences the operating revenues and income. Opportunities include diversifying its operations through the purchase of stake in other beverage companies to build a presence in the developing beverage industry. Protracted reach as the population increases through the enlargement of its portfolio with various beverages. The threats include sourcing of raw materials whereby there is suspicion of the company making use of pesticides and the main threat being the scarcity of water. Indirect competition from coffee chains that are on the rise as they do not dent the company’s market value.

In relation to integrated operations planning, the company will be made better through engaging the diverse group of stakeholders through open dialogue. Storbacka (2011) states that constant change in the operating environments is crucial in understanding the issues and therefore the input from the stakeholders will assist in the decision making process to help in making advancements.


Storbacka, K. (2011). A solution business model: Capabilities and management practices for integrated solutions. Industrial Marketing Management40(5), 699-711.



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