Quality Improvement Project

Quality Improvement Project

Currently, patient falls remains to be a common occurrence due to numerous complications that happen in a hospital or medical facility. Not all falls may lead to major harm. Occasionally, a fall may be due to errors in the means utilized in assessing and grading fall risks. These methodological faults may entail insufficient communication regarding fall risks, ineffectual evaluation of fall threats, and lack of secure practices to avert falls. However, some may lead to adverse outcomes such as death. Patient falls is regarded as major concern as patients pursue medical attention in medical facilities to access safe and quality health care.

Research Question

To begin analysing the reasons attributed to severe care setting falls and examining the current evidence-based practices, a fall description should be acknowledged and a research query needs to be first established. Therefore, research question was generated by using the PICO layout: What best accessible evidence-based practices are obtainable to assist in decreasing the fall rate amongst elderly patients in hospital settings? This quality improvement project will emphasize on ascertaining the attributes that bring about and eventually instigate falls.  The project also focuses on analysing the reasons, and addressing them with the preeminent, accessible evidence-based practices and interventions to decrease the rate of falls in a health care setting.

Research Method

In answering the research question, a qualitative research may be suited in a thorough evaluation of the topic. Qualitative methods have turned to be standard method mainly used by researchers to create knowledge relevant to nursing practices. The approach is best suited for this research query as the qualitative findings will demonstrate the autonomous instrumental effectiveness in aiding the fundamental alterations in clinical communication customs. The outcomes of the research will ultimately lead to the sanction that dynamic listening, appraisal and be encompassed in patient-family-provider communications. These outcomes will be implemented into practices openly, resulting in enhanced consequences.




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