Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

Professional Capstone and Practicum Reflective Journal

New Practice Approaches

It is apparently clear that undertaking my practicum provides a chance to advance skills and gaining enough knowledge regarding provision of health care services. Skills and substantial knowledge are vital in management of invalid symptoms and pain. In addition, individuals ought to incorporate approaches that are effective for normal functioning of the body. Nurses have an obligation of constantly assessing a patient’s ability and form of support required.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Another aspect learnt during the practicum is intraprofessional collaboration. Through this form of collaboration, different professionals with a hospital setting are capable effectively associating at a personalized level by sharing ideas. In addition, we had the opportunity of assessing the best mode of pain management, leading to positive patient outcomes.

Health Care Delivery and Clinical Systems

Experiences within the Vital Hospital has advanced my understanding that it was fundamentally aimed at abating individuals’ suffering as a result of ailments. During the practicum, it was apparent that home-based care and nursing homes were the most preferred options. This meant on member of staff conducted regular visits to assess the patients’ condition.

Ethical Considerations in Health Care

Nurses encounter a number of ethical concerns that are particularly related end-of-life care and hospice care. Ethical concerns apparent during the practicum exercise entail patient autonomy, invalid communication, decision making concerns and dilemmas regarding of discontinuity of prolonged treatments. Disposition of elements such as standard ethics and discussions with other healthcare experts assists resolve ethical challenges.

Practice of Culturally Sensitive Care

The practice of culturally sensitive care is fundamental in any hospital setting. The ethnically perceptive care is regarded as care that replicates “the capacity to be suitably respond to the attitudes of individuals that contribute to a mutual and characteristic religious or cultural heritage.

Preservation of Integrity of Human Dignity in the Care of All Patients

Delivery of care in an archetypal healthcare structure is attributed to numerous aspects. The noteworthy aspects beyond clinical perspective are ethical concerns centred on the ethical principles amongst the patients and care givers. Patients’ dignity is crucial, and the choices made need to be esteemed in delivery of care.

Population Health Concerns

A critical exploration of the patients being attended to in the hospice surroundings stated that those under care included those with prolonged ailments and the aged. In addition, the aged patients experienced numerous challenges in their homes. It is noted that wealthy patients had a lower chance healthcare inaccessibility and restricted resources. Only few low income earners enrol to hospice care.

Role of Technology in Improving Health Care Outcomes

Hospice settings deploy advanced technology in improving patient care. The integration of Air Watch technology has aided the employees’ access to information which helps the patients and families in decision making on end-of-life. Also, technology integration significantly helps in identifying patients that are suitable for nursing homes.

Health Policy

Health policy state that professionals work collaboratively in a bid to determine the appropriate pain therapy for terminally ill patients. During collaboration, they guarantee that the patients acquire pain relieving medication. Aside from the medical proficiency, it is import to provide education resources with provided information concerning the pain management.

Leadership and Economic Models

Economic and management architypes are vital specifics which were analysed during the practicum. Numerous skills in leadership are established and improved during this phase. Through the practicum, nurses develop abilities regarding decision-making processes. Similarly, communication skills are considerably developed as they are required while in collaboration with the nursing home team.

Health Disparities

Health disparities are an important perception learnt during a practicum session. Specially, it was observed that there was a substantial racism. In this instance, it was witnessed that there were additional whites than blacks in the hospital setting and this was attributed to the variations and maltreatment of Americans of African descent.



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