La Reine Margot

La Reine Margot

The film “Queen Margot” narrates a story about marriage between France’ Queen Margot and Henry Navarre. Watching the movie proved to be enjoyable as a result of the violence. The most fascinating scene involves the scene whereby Queen Margot was defended by Henri Navarre in front of Protestant friends. This is because she opted to be an ally and will never betray him. This proves that Margot upheld her promise as compared to her deceitful and cruel family.

During the 16th century in France, similarly to various sections in Europe, the nation was ripped apart by wars based on religious wars and the deep-rooted religious disgust and mistrust amongst Catholics and Protestants. The marriage was meant to instil peace amongst the Catholics and Protestants, therefore being forced into Marriage. However, in forced marriages, the people are likely to suffer whereas the man wedding organizer benefits. In this case, it is viewed that after the wedding most Protestants are brutally massacred and Henri Navarre denounces the marriage and appeals to Margot to be her ally.

Through characters’ actions and occurrences, the movie illustrates that in the French culture, though life was resolved by class and money, profound outside powers steered by God could surpass any class obstacle or devout difficulty. The standard out role in the film was Henry of Navarre. This is because he was one of the innocently portrayed characters. He wedded Margot for the sake of peace, despite not being sure of surviving in the marriage. In addition, he did not plot any king, despite being murdered due to his mother’s orders.  As the film progresses, Margot is accused of having an intimate relationship with her brothers. In the United States, nuptials and sensual relations amongst first cousins are denounced as incest in various cultures. However, they are forbidden globally. Presently, twenty four states in the US forbid weddings amongst first cousins, and other seven states only authorize under distinct situations.



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