Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion

Every individual has the rights to the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This rights include freedom of changing their religion or beliefs, and liberty, either alone or in a communal setting, to manifest their religion in teaching, practice, worshipping and observance. Freedom of religion is an important human right that safeguards the integrity of every individual. However, around the globe, and in U.S, this liberty is corroding. Houses of worship, religious societies and persons face growing limitations as they partake in the public square, expressing their views or service in the community. However, there are many respectable aspects that religious members and individuals of favour may do to reserve and reinforce devout liberty.

Religious liberty, or freedom of integrity, is vital to the well-being of a diverse community. It permits diverse beliefs to succeed. Sacred liberty safeguards the rights of every group and persons, as well as the most susceptible, whether spiritual or not. The figure of Protestants has degenerated in the last fourteen years and the public who recognized Buddhists and other faiths has increased whereas the catholic faithful and other Christians has stayed the same. One major reason for the degeneration in Protestants is the continuous oppression of Christians in the community


To maintain religious liberty in society, it is important to incorporate various aspects. Foremost, it is essential to learn about spiritual liberty. This entails learning what it is, how it functions and the subjects that impend it. The next aspect involves practicing religious liberty. This involves respecting other religious beliefs along with the principles and sentiments of Buddhists. Additionally, individuals should be civil in their discussions and relations. Another solution involves joining others in promoting religious liberty. Individuals should be engaged in the society in areas that an individual may feel comfortable. People should use social media to assist others know about religious liberty.




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