Executive Order 12968

Executive Order 12968

Executive 12968 is an order that pertains to accessibility to classified data. The order creates a harmonized federal personnel security framework for members of staff that may be regarded for initial or continued access to classified data.  Security personnel are mandated with the major responsibility with formulating and applying the policies within the security forces.  The persons rate the administration employees from the proper contextual level, for instance, subtle and non-sensitive ranks. This fragment of the security apparatus is mandated with execution of various duties such as sensitivity assessment in every position, as indicated in the management based principles.

Executive Orders correlate to the practice of security

When relating Executive Order 12968 to the Staffs Security system; it regulates accessibility to confidential data. Moreover, as per Section 1.3, the order sanctions the disclosure of employees’ financial statements for them to obtain confidential financial clearance. It likewise offers a prerequisite to train the member of staff, of the accountabilities regarding the data, which has attained top secret authorization. Executive Order 12968 offers the powers to determine eligibility for individuals seeking accessibility to top-secret data. This order is coherent with the Personnel Security policy as it evidently outlines how confidential data should be managed. It also indicates the number of individuals in each department can be granted access to the data. Restricted access to the information grants the security personnel to constantly track the number of individuals in each department can gain access.

The Executive Order specifies the approved access levels. As per the Personnel Security policy, admission can only be approved to the operative as the work defines which rank is entitled to access.  This means that the job controls the access required not an individual. Executive Order 12968 and the Personnel Security Approach function simultaneously by demonstrating how access by employees to confidential data should be managed. Existence of order 12968 other orders to aid in formulating the PSP guarantees that each worker is entitled to equal rights and impacts on the agency.


Chou, M. (2019). Agency Interpretations of Executive Orders. Administrative Law Review71.

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