Assessment of Leadership skills

Assessment of Leadership skills

Leaders are accountable for making and comprehending the dream by inspiring people to work to the realization of a common objective. Active leaders ought to be capable of having an impeccable evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses and also deal with them competently. By approving counteractive actions, a leader should underpin their strengths and overcome their insufficiencies. Through effective leadership assessment, a leader can generate contemplative practices that assist in reflecting on their own activities. However, a leader may also utilize third party response to authenticate and substantiate doubts and affirmations.

Strengths and Weakness

One of the key strengths I possess is situational awareness. Being aware of what happens around me proves to be a sign of a characteristic leadership strength. I believe it is vital to cognizant of the events that occur within the department and the hospital setting as a whole. A great leader should retain a strong situation awareness.

A take away message regarding leadership strengths is that joint management supposes that a proficient and devoted personnel consists of many leaders. It is significant to recognize that each role played is significant and diverse circumstances necessitates a different form of leadership and diverse skills. A leader can be defined as “anyone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish a specific goal.

A specific skill I may seek to develop is confidence.  In most cases, I used to compare myself with other nurses in a negative manner. I tend to always doubt myself and seeking for consent from other colleagues despite being correct in my decision making process. To build my self-confidence, my strategy involves creating a deliberate pledge to work on my self-assurance and self-esteem. Moreover, having the bravery to work on growing my confidence and self-esteem each day, even though the marginal advances feel trivial and it seems really quite challenging achieve them.


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