Paid, Owned or Earned Media

Paid, Owned or Earned Media

Paid, owned, and earned media are frequently labelled as means or marketing streams. From commercials to social media advertisements, most of the advertising falls into one of the three forms of media. While paid, owned, and earned broadcasting are entirely diverse, their end product is similar– building brand awareness and generating more business. In fact, most vendors have established that it’s not sufficient to solely depend on on a single media channel. Rather, they integrate from all three to generate a comprehensive media strategy.

Why Paid Media is appropriate

Paid media is one technique organizations can endorse their products through subsidized social media advertisements, display advertisements, and other sponsored multimedia. Paid media may be an efficient chance to increase the brand influence, obtained, and generating more site traffic. Whilst the current media incursion may make it tough to get the firm’s communication received spontaneously, it also generates more modes of promoting. Paid media functions as a technique of endorsing products and exposure. There are an assortment of paid methods used to strengthen owned media and assist in winning more earned media.

For instance, platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook provide marketing selections that may be leveraged to enhance the company’s exposure. According to Demirci et al. (2015), LinkedIn and Twitter are the most efficient advertising platforms for an audience of B2B salespersons.  Endorsing tweets is a good way of boosting the access of most appealing tweets and presenting them to a fresh target market. When a post is performing well organically, it will automatically perform better than your other posts when you sponsor them. If marketers are endorsing a tweet, it is important to view the piece of substance it mentions to regulate the rate of conversion. However, salespersons may also use a comparable approach on Facebook or Pinterest. This entirely depends on where the target market is the more active and involved with the product.


Demirci, C., Pauwels, K., Srinivasan, S., & Yildirim, G. (2015). Conditions for owned, paid and earned media impact and synergy. Cambridge, MA: Marketing Science Institute. Retrieved June19, 2015.


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