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Data Analysis

Website are one of the platforms that have been used by businesses to increase ways through which they can interact with their customers. All websites that have been successful have a high level of user engagement. One of the ways through which to increase traffic on a website has been the creation of content that promotes customer connection, engagement and feedback from customers. COACH has paid attention on digital marketing where much effort has gone to building an effective website. This is because most consumers are searching online for information that will enable them make better purchase decisions. Thus, the buying behavior has emphasized on the importance of websites in businesses.

Customer engagement

Keywords in the search engine are linked to the content on the websites which makes it potential for customers to search the website through the search engines. Coach has utilized a number of keywords in their sites that have been used to increase their customer engagement. The website keywords are not only words but valuable assets in engaging customers.

The keyword opportunities breakdown has uncovered the top terms that are searched by users.  The keyword gaps have the highest search popularity within Coach at 40.5K. The easy to rank words follow at 8K and the Buyer keywords at 6.4K and optimization opportunities at 3.2K. These are the phrases that individuals use in the search engines while searching to purchase a service or product (Thakur, 2011).


Key Word Opportunities Breakdown
Optimization Opportunities 3,200
key word Gaps 40,500
Buyer Keywords 6,400
Easy to Rank Keywords 8,000


Share of Voice

The share of voice is the extent of market that the brand owns connected to the competitors. This is essential in gauging the brand visibility and how much a brand has dominated a conversation in the industry. The keywords in websites have been essential in measuring the share of voice of Coach. The top keywords by share of voice in Coach include Coach, Coach Outlet, Coach bags, Coach Outlet Online and Coach purses.

The share of voice has been analyzed through top key words that are search and how they have enable coach to dominate the industry conversation. The listing indicates the following results for the share of voice; Coach, 37.25%, Coach Outlet 49.47%, Coach bags 54.66%, Coach outlet Online 53.76%, Coach Purses 49.83% (Alexa, 2019).

TOP KEYWORDS Share of Voice (%)
Coach 37.25%
Coach Outlet 49.47%
Coach Bags 54.66%
Coach Outlet Online 53.76%
Coach Purses 49.83%


Coach should come up with a content that will increase engagement and share of voice in the industry. For instance, relying on key words that are highly relied on by other sites and ensuring that their content is unique among its competitors. Creating brand awareness through search engine optimization to increase their traffic will be the most effective marketing strategy for Coach.


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