Summary of the Article

The article analyzes the use of mobile devices in physics learning. It shows the connection between local culture and physics learning as well as the service of the mobile application in learning. The objective of this study was to evaluate the advantages of Android-based learning media as a foundation of physics learning (Liliarti, 108). The study illustrates this through the othok-othok toy which shows changes in motion during the diagrammatic representation on the mobile. The study shows how technological advancement has allowed interactive learning and how smartphone users will enjoy physics learning.

Technological advancement has enabled interactive learning where the smartphones have developed to media that enables the learning to be done in schools. Considerably, the article shows that the difficulty in learning science is caused by different simultaneous matters that are present during the presentation of physics in lessons. The matters are different formulas, practicum sessions, graphs, calculations, concepts and diagrams (Liliarti, 108) The research show that the android based learning within the local culture can improve the competence of argumentative and diagrammatic representation in physics learning.

The Nature of Physics and Science

The results of the study show that the local culture that is near the student setting can be used in explaining physics. This relates to the nature of the science of physics. Ideally, science consists of laws and theories which are general truths of nature and knowledge. On the other hand, physics is a concern with illustrating the interactions between matter, space, energy and time and the fundamental mechanisms that lie in every phenomenon. Physics has aimed at describing the function of everything around human beings from the environment to the motion of cars and people. For instance, consider the use of a smartphone, physics can describe the interaction between the various circuits in the device. Thus, it is the underlying nature of science and physics that people have been able to understand the interconnectedness and relationship between everything. For instance, the laws of physics have facilitated an understanding of how common technological devices such as phones work. Newton’s law of motion is evident in the argumentation and diagrams that are represented in the learning media. The Toy shows that for every reaction there is an equivalent and reverse reaction that leads to motion. These ways have shown the nature of physics and science and the aspect that physics is the fundamental science since other natural sciences obey the laws and principles of science.

Physics principles

The principle of motion has been illustrated in the article. The principle of motion demonstrates the basic motion design in objects. In demonstrating the use of mobile phones in physics learning, the article has relied on the other toy ship. The othok othok Toy ship used in the illustration shows some physics principles at work (Liliarti, 116). The toy works in the principles of motion (Newton’s law). Newton’s law has been used to investigate and explain various motions in many systems and objects.

Newton’s law states that an object will remain at rest or straight direction except acted upon by an outward force. Through argumentative and diagrammatic representation, the article has been able to demonstrate the concept of Newton’s Law. The material for illustration used was the othok othok which was used to show mechanical movements. The toy show incidents of motion changes in the after an external force were exerted.

In conclusion, the article has illustrated the connection between the nature of physics and the environment. The Toy used in the illustration of physics learning has demonstrated the principles of motion with the content used relating to Newton’s law. Thus, the argumentative and diagram representation has improved physics learning.

Works Cited

Liliarti, Nina, and Heru Kuswanto. “Improving the Competence of Diagrammatic and Argumentative Representation in Physics through Android-Based Mobile Learning Application.” International Journal of Instruction 11.3 (2018): 107-122.

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