Should China implement a space migration program

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The topic is “Should China implement a space migration program

Purpose and Description. Your objective in this assignment will be to begin familiarizing yourself with a topic that allows you to embody mindfulness and heartfulness in your approach to researching and writing about it. The main goal of academic inquiry is not to reinforce what we already know or believe—it is to explore and learn from different perspectives, make discoveries, enter into a conversation of ideas, and, ultimately, contribute to the process of building new knowledge. With this in mind, please consider the following guidelines as you complete the assignment.

Prewriting; Invention & Inquiry

Consider the following as you develop your paper:

Start with a focused question to guide your search (this question will change as you learn more about your topic across the semester). Begin with something along the lines of “I am studying ___________________because I want to find out what/why/how ___________________”;
Identify and use three different types of sources for information (solid or formal websites (such as .edu, .gov, .org); scholarly peer-reviewed articles; articles from a magazine, trade journal, or newspaper;
Take notes as you examine the various resources you find, with particular emphasis on elements of the rhetorical situation (e.g., who is the author(s), the intended audience, purpose, the genre in relation to the audience and the purpose, context of the source);
Identify common points of debate among these sources based on the notes you have taken. Who is making the arguments? What problems are being discussed? What types of forums are people using to make and communicate their arguments? What seem to be the most pressing issues based on the information you have gathered?
Drafting your paper:

It is very likely that you might get more information than you can reasonably make use of in this paper. You should distill (or filter) your research findings into a few manageable points of discussion that you can communicate to your audience.

Follow these guidelines as you draft your paper:

Compose a paragraph that introduces your audience to the topic of your research;
Compose 2-4 paragraphs that identify central ideas you have discovered through your research (e.g., common problems and debates, the consequences of adopting one point of view over another, etc.);
Compose a concluding paragraph in which you identify possible dimensions of your topic that you could imagine researching, moving forward, based on your exploratory investigation. Your aim here should be to focus your inquiry and develop a clear sense of how you might develop a viable research project.
Specific Requirements

Your paper should:

Require you to embody mindfulness and heartfulness in your approach to researching and writing about it;
Start narrowing your own particular research focus;
Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of the assignment;
Be 2-4 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond typeface);
Bring in research from four sources, from three different types of sources for information: one source should be a solid or formal website (such as .edu, .gov, .org); two should be scholarly peer-reviewed articles; and one article from a magazine, trade journal, or newspaper (select for newspapers, magazines, and trade publications to the left on Academic Search Premier after you put in your search terms);
Include in-text citations for paraphrased or quoted information, and a Works Cited section after the paper (MLA format).

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