Manfield Coatings Co. Ltd: Quality Management as the Winning Formula

Total Quality & Service Management

Man field Coatings has embarked on the road to quality management. Man field Coatings has made great progress in the enhancement of productivity which has been essential in value creation. The implementation of the quality management system has been made successful by the leadership, Human resource and the use of information systems that are being used within the company. Manfield Coatings human resource has been important in understanding the specific job descriptions, skills, and specifications as well as undertaking monthly training to enhance the skills of the staff to ensure quality production. Quality management system involved the leadership which is able to assess risks (Lee, 2004). The managers are encouraged to be innovative to ensure efficient management. The staff members have also been an indispensable part of the quality management system.

The company has an effective and efficient information system that is able to process and handle data efficiently and minimize human error. The information system has over 100 terminals that are used for various to enhance coordination and ensure minimal human error. Continuous improvement is a critical factor for the man field’s quality management system. The continuous improvement factor has been used to effectively enable the improvement of certain projects within the company. Another critical factor is the process management that enables the company to meet the demands of the customers and control the process flow more efficiently.

The process management has enabled Manfield to meet the ever-tightening delivery schedules as handling lots of production sizes and quality demands. The ISO 9001 has guaranteed of quality management system because it requires organizations to implement the requirements for management information systems for any activity. Being ISO 9001 certified means that the organization has implemented management information systems that will enable effective performance (Lee, 2004). This means that ISO 9001 guarantees quality within the management of an organization.


Lee, O. M. (2004). Manfield Coatings Co. Ltd: Quality Management as the Winning Formula. Centre for Asian Business Cases, the University of Hong Kong.

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