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I never considered the distinction between entertainment and art until I had an in-depth understanding of art and entertainment. The distinction between entertainment and art is subtle but still important since entertainment brings about pleasure while art results to transformation. Art in a wide sense is a form of communication. This is because it entails what the artist intends to mean and the meaning is shaped by the techniques and materials and forms that the art makes use of as well as the feelings and ideas it brings to the viewers. Ideally, art is an act of expressing thoughts, feelings and observations which is appreciated through its emotional power. Art comes to life through being experienced. Relatively, art has a perception of order since artist choose and arrange perceptions to create and find some structure. They tend to recreate something and impose meaning, form and order to the art. Art has a medium which is the substance, style, methods and techniques that are used to create the art work. The value of an art is what makes the viewer think and feel about the perception of the artist. The value of art is what it means to human and how it conveys a complete spectrum of human experience.

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