Case Study on Moral status


The main reason as to why morality is considered a conceptual thought is its duality of nature. An activity that looks obviously and totally improper for one individual perhaps totally moral for someone else simultaneously. It appears as though ethical quality obtains distinctive nature when it is attempting to be characterized by various individuals. Since the commencement, there have been numerous endeavours to change this nature of profound quality.  In this essay, we shall however discuss the general view of Christians towards the nature of human beings and also human value and dignity.

Nature of human beings as depicted by Christians is that an unborn child is still a human being. The ethical remaining of individuals isn’t just grounded in their creation as living creatures by God, yet in addition in the nature of their creation – in other words, their creation in the picture of God (imago dei and imago trinitatis) (Ede & Obeagu, 2018). The scriptural thought of the imago dei ought to be viewed as the reason for the regulation of human respect in deontological Christian morals. Human pride supposes a remaining before God and other people, and this standing comprises an ethical repute. Creation of man in God’s image comprises of human pride. Human respect isn’t grounded in the judicious limit of humankind, however in its creation in the picture of God.

Jessica’s Theory

This can be explained by using the ethical assertion principle that each one of the residing organisms have ethical repute. Jessica desires to be financially solid on and concurrently accepts that lifestyles is good sized and should be secured. Jessica’s opinion is that life is treasured in assessment to ethical popularity depending on something that is alive. She has a choice of keeping the being pregnant in mild of the fact that to her, existence is widespread.

Marco’s theory

Marco is alluding to the fact the embryo at this age is no longer having moral status in reference to 3 concepts; the concept of moral support, awareness and also of sentience, Adding on to that, he characterizes moral support as the ability to cause decree if rather stepped forward or regrettable, and whether the aim maybe ethically adjudged. His principle can be defined via the moral statement concept that only human have moral status.

Maria’s Theory

In this case, Maria’s principle used the notion that each organism has ethical rights. Maria is completely against the concept of abortion. She sees the ethical right depending on Jessica’s duty as a mother, or the hypothesis of moral agency is dependent on connections (Grand Canyon University, 2015). This hypothesis expresses that a person needs to now not meddle with a person else or should regard their rights considering they have got a courting with them. Maria’s concept is based totally on Christian ideology. This is in which the theory of moral agency arises.

Dr. Wilson’s Theory

Dr Wilson’s concept may be elaborated through the statement that sentient animals have moral status. In the hypothesis of the moral agency, the relationship between the doctor and the patient also applies. Dr. Wilson needs to regard the privileges and preference requested by Jessica and Marco since they have a connection between them. Also considering that individuals have rights.




Theoretical Influence on Recommendation for Action

The influence on recommendation it has is that Jessica cannot afford to terminate her foetus due to the bond they share meaning that the connection that is between her and the fetus will discourage her from doing an abortion. The same theory may apply to Marco as he will have to support her decision despite what comes between them due to the relationship they have. In reference to (Giubilini and Minerva 2013), no matter the situation a mother cannot afford to lose her unborn child.  Dr. Wilson recommends abortion and strongly insists that he is compelled to letting his patient know the diagnosis of the fetus despite him understanding the pain of losing a child.

Personal choice of Theory

The suitable theory that I choose is theory of moral agency whereby I wouldn’t encourage termination of a fetus since it’s also a human being created in God’s image and likeness despite the disabilities and challenges experienced. In addition, the rights of the fetus to be respected as it’s also a human being developing in a mother’s womb. In a Christians view, the perception that anything that replicates divinity in human beings lays the foundation to humanity. Exhibition of humanity brings about the unity and therefore it a gives a human being the feeling of worth and extraordinary care. In the nature of humanity, we discover that human rights are absolute and form the basis of law and the society.


In Conclusion, the perception of human dignity is that it has been of great concern for many years since most of the reasons highlight the objective limits and portray people that make something specific among living beings. In modern day, human dignity is seen as a legitimate way of focusing the legal principles emphasizing that all beings have are worthy and undisputable rights by the actuality of being human.


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