Amazon Data Analysis

A strong keyword awareness is essential in building traffic and engagement since it encourages people to visit the site and engagement with those that have already landed on the site. The key word opportunities breakdown has uncovered the top terms that are searched by the buyer. The optimization opportunities have the highest search popularity within Amazon Website. For instance, a keyword such as package delivery driver has a search popularity within the site. The keyword gaps show the keywords that drive traffic to the competitors site. For Amazon 103.1k keyword gaps have been identified which shows the missing out words that could be valuable to the site.

The Buyer keywords are the phrases that individuals use in the search engines while searching to purchase a service or product (Thakur, 2011). Amazon has 7.2K buyer keywords that have been optimized to guide the searchers to make buying decisions. Easy to rank keywords are keywords that researchers easily rely on while searching for a product or service. Amazon has 5.8K easy to rank keywords. The keyword opportunities breakdown is essential in identifying the value buyer keywords and gaps in Amazon Keywords profile.

Keywords are essential in increasing awareness and engagement. The Top keywords are the most searched phrases that are relevant to the product or service being offered (Thakur, 2011). The top key words by traffic in Amazon include Amazon prime, amazon prime video, amazon smile and amazon music. The top keywords have been rate through share of voice and the search traffic. For instance, according to the site traffic, the listing shows the following results for the search traffic. Amazon 2.12%, Amazon prime 1.5%, amazon prime video 0.61%, amazon smile 0.31% and amazon music 0.28% (Alexa, 2019).

The share of voice is the exposure that the brands through the top keywords. Amazon’s Top keywords have the following percentage in the share of voice; Amazon 38.59%, Amazon Prime Video 53.09%, Amazon smile 71.58%, Amazon Music 62.35% (Alexa, 2019). The Comparison metrics has compared search traffic and the bounce rate for Amazon as compared to other similar sites. The percentage overall of site traffic from all the traffic sources is 27.1% while the bounce rate compared to other site is 25.5%. The audience overlap allows understand the audience and the percentage overlap between the different sites. In this case, the audience overlap was compared between Amazon and other sites such as E-bay, Facebook, Twitter and Pin interest. The Audience overlap between e-bay and Amazon is at 65.7%, Facebook at 42.9%, Pin interest at 41.8% and Twitter at 41.1%.


Thakur, A., Sangal, A.L. and Bindra, H., 2011. Quantitative measurement and comparison of effects of various search engine optimization parameters on Alexa Traffic Rank. International Journal of Computer Applications26(5), pp.15-23.

Alexa. 2019. Drive More Website Traffic with Competitive analysis. Available at:

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