Gender Stereotyping in Print Advertisement (400 words)

Discrimination against another person based on their gender can affect everyone, but primarily, it has concerned women and girls in print advertisements. This has been associated with gender roles as well as stereotypes, which involve the belief that one sex or gender is fundamentally more significant than the other. A higher percentage of women are seen spending more time in household activities which keeps working women in a subordinate role in the family structure (Giddens et al., 2018). Gender stereotyping is prevalent in this print advertising. In the print advertisement for Broomsticks slacks for men, there is a picture of five men that are surrounding a woman wearing nothing but her underwear and bra standing as if they are playing an innocent game. The ad is promoting a world where the idea is that to be desirable, and there is absolute control over something else. For instance, in this ad, men are portrayed to have control over women. Gender displays have heavily been used to depict stereotypical manifestations and roles as well as gender inequality.

The United States is characterized by gender stratification (Giddens et al., 2018). The gender differences in the ad have shown discrimination of women with different social statuses as compared to men. This is because men around the woman are fully dressed from head to toe in slacks and turtle necks while the woman is only dressed in underwear and a bra. The five men are pictured in this print advertisement surrounding a woman wearing nothing but a bra and underwear, which portrays a sexually appealing image including nudity bringing about stereotypical roles of women as objects of sex. Discrimination appears in a common and straightforward way in this ad since the sexual objectification of women includes them being primarily viewed as an object of male sexual desire instead of being seen as a whole person. Women and girls have been objectified repeatedly in advertisements where women featured are portrayed as sex objects. The feminine image reveals the role of women as sexual objects since the image of the woman in the ad arouses the sexual interest of the viewer.

Viewing women as objects of sex is excellent discrimination and conscious biasness over women. Due to the stages of smiles and laughter, it is very hard to see that two of the men appear to tightly grab the hand of the woman, which brings about a dominating nature in the advertisement. One of the men is grabbing the woman’s hand while the other has his entire hand encircling her tiny forearm. The ad has effective imagery, which is unethical due to the disregard of women’s dignity to stimulate the audience’s mind in desired products.


Giddens, A., Duneier, M., Appelbaum, R. P., & Carr, D. (2018). Introduction to Sociology, Seagull. WW Norton, Incorporated.

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