Movie Review: The Bridge

Movie Review: The Bridge

Most individuals greatly suffer unnoticed while the rest of the universe continues conducting its business. The film “The Bridge” focuses on the huge number of suicidal cases happening every year at the Golden Gate State Bridge. The film also captures the suicidal recordings and interviews involving family members. It comprises interviews of individuals who have contemplated suicide at the bridge, suicide witnesses, and a jump survivor known as Hine. A total of 19 individuals were captured when taking the ultimate dive and then presented interviews with grieving family members of the deceased persons. The intent of the film producer was illuminating the darkest corner of the human brain and why it is important to take mental health seriously.

Fascinating Aspect of the Film

More individuals opt to terminate their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge than any other place in the universe. The sheer death figures might be shocking but also, at the same time, not surprising. If an individual opted to commit suicide, there is a peculiar reason in choosing a manner that is practically permanently deadly and a location that is mystically and strangely attractive. The point that numerous individuals select a conceivable paradise to put an end to their lives strengthens the movie’s allusion that an individual’s anticipations of terminating mental misery by shifting to a more satisfying place might be pointless.

The film raises unavoidable queries regarding the film producer’s motive and techniques. In addition, whether he may have attempted to save the lives of those contemplating to commit suicide. The film advances ancient ethical and aesthetic queries concerning the disconnection from a person’s surroundings that looking through the lens of the camera tends to generate. Stringently as a movie, I consider it an impressive piece of work. However, its melodic music, whilst solemn, it fails to hit the mark regarding the aspect of imagery.


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