Career Preparation

Career Preparation

Determining a profession is a process of developed, marked by substantial measures
and capabilities. Proprietors need accomplished scholars that develop their in-classroom
instruction with crucial career-related skills. Students need to endeavour to fine-tune their
career objectives carefully. The end result for every student is having the capability to access
a job in the area of profession. A careful deliberation of the career projections assists the
learners in assessing where they desire to be in their career preparation and how to
accomplish the objectives. The paper reviews the steps taken in helping me prepare for my
career progression as a certified public accountant.
Internship Programmes

Regarding my internship programs, I intend to apply for the program at the Lowy’s
Tax Planning and accounting corporation. The internship programs within the firm are
offered in two departments. They include the audit delivery center and the audit department. I
intend to apply for the internship program at the audit department. Internship at the
department provides a better chance to get acquainted with the profession. The internship
programs take last from January to March 2021. The application for the next program begins
on September 1st. This offers a grand opening to acquire first-hand professional expertise,
which may lead to getting job offers. Offers such as audit assistants are made to the best
interns from at the start of November. A paid internship is offered in the last step of
employment. My main career objective is reserving my position with the company for a
longer duration and utilize my bachelor’s degree to progress my career in the corporation.

Course Work Completion

My sole aim is the completion of my degree in Accounting at the University in June
2021. Currently, I possess an associate degree in general studies from Montgomery College. I also intend to complete the professional accounting certification. The assessment involves
completing the four levels within the CPA management assessment that include Auditing and
Attestation level, Business Environment and Concepts, Financial Accounting and Reporting,
and Regulation within a span of eighteen months. Failure to have a bachelor’s degree means
that the opportunity to progress my career will be limited. Having the chance to advance my
education, along with earning a bachelor’s degree, means that my career prospects are
enhanced while working at the company.


The conventional path for every accounting student, specifically pursuing a degree in
accounting, is becoming a certified public accountant with established firms. My initial plan
is to become a certified public account at the Lowy’s Tax Planning and accounting
corporation. To earn the certification, I may be required to earn a bachelor’s degree, complete
the four levels of a CPA assessment program, and surpass the uniform Examination test. To
maintain the validity of the certification, it is essential to continually renew the membership
fees on a daily basis and completion of the yearly education obligations. According to
Apostolou et al. (2015), certified accountants may be delegated duties in book-keeping,
corporate economics, and policy teams within a company and execute responsibilities such as
analysis of information data from numerous sources. This is meant to appraise performance

Various career openings pertaining to a CPA certification include financial auditing,
working within the tax department, planning and budgeting, internal controls, and financial
reporting. In regards to accomplishing my CPA certification, I intend to use the certification
to obtain a position as a financial auditor. Corporations are keen to pay substantial premiums
to employ CPA certified bookkeepers. This is as a result of their capability to interpret financial information into actionable data and utilize the information to generate strategic
business pronouncements (Borisova and Bekhteneva, 2015). This adds immense significance
to a company’s management framework. As a financial auditor, I have the ability to
guarantee acquiescence with conventional core control processes by scrutinizing data,
operational customs, and documentation.

Full-Time Position

I aim to guarantee a permanent position at the company and utilize the acquired
degree to gain access to a higher position within the firm. This will involve remaining at the
assigned role within the department while earning the certification. The position at the audit
department may comprise regular decisions while also incorporating the management
principles of accounting and financial management. Most of the entry levels within the
company for a position at the audit department are believed to be through internships. They
also include helping with the required certification obligations such as regular, trimestral, and
year-end close, appraising, and preparing financial reports. During my duration at the
company, I will also be taking the time to complete the CPA certification that takes a span of
18 months (Brody Li & Zhou, 2017). Once I attain the CPA certification, I will utilize the
certification to access higher positions within the audit department. Within the positions, I
may desire to attain certain positions, such as being the auditor general of the firm and
closely working with the company’s top management.


Comprehending the significance of career preparation before graduation is an
essential aspect towards the planning of career prospects. I intend to effectively complete my
internship session while also progressing with the CPA certification. The internship offers an

excellent opportunity to integrate the in-class sessions while also acquiring more knowledge
on the undertakings within the audit department. One the degree is obtained, I will have the
chance to gain entry into various positions at the audit department. This is in-line with my
future projections of attaining a full-time position at the company.


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Borisova, T. G., & Bekhteneva, R. A. (2015). Certified Public Accountant is unmatched
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