How to Write Short Essays and 10 best Essay Topics for High School and College Students

How to Write Short Essays and 1O best Essay Topics for High School and College Students

Definition of an Essay

An essay is a short type of literary composition, which focuses on a single subject. It usually contains three parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The essay is designed to give the audience knowledge about something that they might not know yet. They can range from scientific to personal narratives or observations. There are many different types of essays; there are descriptive essays, autobiographical essays, expository essays etc.

It can be quite difficult for students who are writing their first essay to understand what should be included in the body part and how to develop it properly if they do not have much information about it. Essay writing becomes easier when you already have some practice behind you and know all types of styles that exist out there. To help you with this problem, today we have prepared a list of 10 best essays to study if you are not sure how to write one. These essays can be your role models and help you come up with an idea about what should go into the essay’s body part.

How to Write an Essay

When writing an essay, it’s important to get an idea that you know someone else will be interested in reading. This is because you’ve got to write about it in a way that’s going to be engaging and interesting. You have to be creating when writing an essay since that’s where you’ll find your most valuable information. If it doesn’t sound natural, then maybe try to think of something else to write about!

Types of Essays

For any essay, there are certain guidelines one must follow. Essay writing is a common form of assessment in many academic institutions and professional programs alike. Essays can be written on a certain topic or specific element of a larger idea. Essays allow the writer to convey their points and ideas to an audience while demonstrating their knowledge and understanding on a given subject matter. There are essays that highlight thoughts and opinions while some focus on conveying factual information based on research and investigations. Essays often explore issues from multiple viewpoints.

The five different types of essays include: definition essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, persuasive/argumentative essays, expository essays.

Definition Essay: Definition Essays define certain terms important to the subject they are describing. They explain the terms and provide the audience with a clear understanding of their meaning. Definition Essays can be useful to those who are writing research papers as they often define difficult or unfamiliar words encountered in textbooks and other scholarly texts. These essays may also explain how certain words came to be used or express their origins and various meanings throughout history.

Definition Essays: Define/explain, origin, history.

Narrative Essay: Narrative Essays tell a story about an event that happened either to the writer or someone else. The stories told in these essays are true ones that have actually occurred while others are fictional but based on some aspect of reality which is not necessarily noticeable at first glance. Some narratives involve complex plots involving love, tragedy, violence and other intense experiences. The main purpose of writing a Narrative Essay is to provide an entertaining story for the audience. There are many types of Narrative Essays such as:

– Autobiography – A life story written by the author about his or her life

– Biography – The biography is the telling of someone else’s life story and written by another person (maybe even with some collaboration from the subject)

– Personal Essay – Essays that detail events in the writer’s own life

Descriptive Essay: Descriptive Essays attempt to create a mental picture for the reader through words that evoke specific sensory details such as visual appeal, sounds and smells. These vivid descriptions are used to develop a scene or illustrate an idea. Essays written with strong descriptions are often called vivid, sensory or picture essays. Descriptive Essays can be very effective when describing moments in history, natural phenomena and other extraordinary events that require the writer to include descriptive details.

Descriptive Essay: Vividness/visuals, sounds, smell, moments in history

Persuasive Essay/Argumentative Essay: Persuasive Essays attempt to convince the reader of something based on facts and opinions. These essays are mainly about reaching conclusions where the author’s opinion is preceded by facts unrelated to their own personal preferences. To write an Argumentative Essay one researches information regarding a specific subject then presents an argument based on this information.

Expository Essay: Expository Essays analyze and explain a particular topic to the audience. Essays written in this style often discuss theories, historical events or scientific principles. These essays may also provide suggestions for solving problems related to specific topics such as politics, philosophy and other complex subjects. Essays that involve research like Argumentative Essays may be expository as well if they contain analysis of the data gathered from various sources.

Expository Essay: Analyze/explain, solve problems, gather data from other sources

Analytical Essays: An analytical essay can be considered an extension of an expository paper which means that students should use the same writing style when producing such essays. However, this type of academic assignment requires writers to include more analysis or evaluation since it focuses on evaluating different aspects related to the subject they discuss in their papers and offering personal views and opinions about them as well.

Structure of an Essay

The structure of an essay includes three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion.


The very first part is the one which should draw your readers’ attention right away and make them interested in discovering more about the subject of your essay. It has to present a problem that needs solving or a situation that needs explaining while also giving a brief background knowledge on it. This section should show people what information they can get from reading your work while also introducing them to this new knowledge. If you manage to do all of this successfully, you will be able to motivate people enough for them to invest their time in reading the rest of your piece. Keep in mind that even though most essays are written in third person, you might want to include some personal experience when writing an argumentative essay or an autobiography.


The main part presents the evidence you have got to prove your thesis statement, which means that it answers the question presented in the introduction along with explaining how you came up with your final thoughts on this subject. It is recommended for students to divide their body into paragraphs so that this section seems easier to follow and read. When writing a descriptive essay, students should describe what they are talking about without using too much detail so that it will not become monotonous for people who are reading it. The other types of essays require more creativity from students’ side; they need to come up with arguments or stories that will convince other people that their ideas are correct. You can support each paragraph with examples or other types of evidence while also dividing your essay into different sections in order to make it more organized and easier to follow. Just remember that the conclusion part should provide a summary of your main ideas so people do not have to read them all over again when re-reading the essay after some time has passed!

A simple essay contains only one idea or thesis statement, but sometimes students can also come up with essays that present multiple examples from their life, for example.

In this case, when writing an autobiographical essay, you should describe how these events influenced what you think about a certain subject or situation. You will be able to see how this type of essay is written if you take a look at our number 10 best example its body part presents various experiences from student’s life and explains why these events were important for him/her. Our number nine example is another autobiographical essay with similar structure: it starts with a brief description of how the author came up with this subject and then follows by explaining the main problem that needs to be solved.

The last sentence in each paragraph can also include some conclusions about what was written before as well as personal opinion, which means that the writer will try to convince readers that their ideas are worth listening to. When you write an autobiographical essay based on real-life experience, focus on describing events without too much detail so people who read it do not get bored easily. If you write a descriptive essay, make sure you come up with some unique details about the main character or the situation, and try to include your personal opinion about this subject.


Writing a conclusion is not as difficult as it first appears. Because you have spent time at the beginning describing what your essay is about and what you will accomplish in writing it, the conclusion is actually a very quick finale. You already have a significant amount of information ready to put into your conclusion, and most of the work has been done for you! So the most important thing is how you sum up all this information. Ensure that you include all the important points I your essay in summary form and give a concluding tone in the conclusion paragraph

Now that you know what steps you should follow when writing an essay, it is time for you to check out 10 best examples of essays we have compiled for you! Here they are:

10 best Essay Topics

The best essay topics are ones that people know something about or have an interest in the subject – like the 10 best essays listed above. The 10 best essays are ones that people can relate to or have an interest in the topic. It depends on the person who is writing one so you should always come up with your own ideas for what makes a good essay. As long as you’re enthusiastic about it, then go for it! Good luck- I hope this helps!

A great topic can make your essay amazing! Of course, you don’t want to do too much research, but if you’re passionate enough about the topic then they will come up with more things to talk about on their own when writing an essay. Just add in some background information (relevant!) and let the sparks fly.

Essays get interesting if you think about the topic in different ways, so if you’re stuck on ideas try to expand on your thoughts and bring up new topics. You can also pick something in the news that has people talking, in order for your essay to be timely.

Writing an essay can be a fun way to really find out what you think about a topic. But coming up with an idea can be difficult sometimes. Here are 10 essay topics to help get your juices flowing!

1 – Why have fairy tales captivated us so much?

Are fairy tales still relevant in this day and age? Is it because of their fantastical settings, or is there more to them than that? Write about why these stories are popular even today!

2 – The death of print news media- are we better off without them or worse off?

Newspapers are dying left and right. That must mean the end of news as we know it, right? Or has this become an opportunity for new sources of information to rise up and take their place as the “voice of authority”?

3 – What’s your favorite Disney princess and why?

Is it because there’s a prince, or is it because she was nice, kind, and/or spunky? Write about your favorite Disney Princess.

4 – How has the Internet changed our lives for the better? For the worse?

Sure, you can learn everything on Wikipedia in less than 30 seconds, but how much can you really trust that information to be accurate? Also, what are people doing with all this free time they have now that they don’t have to leave home to buy things online?!

5 – Is being thin really more important than being healthy? Should someone ever risk their health just for thinness?

6 – Make a list of 10 great things about yourself.

7 – What are some interesting uses for duct tape?

8 – How have the cameras in phones changed the way we document our lives? The way other people see us? Is it a good change or a bad one, and why?

9 – Do you think that kids’ TV shows today are different from when you were little? In what ways do they seem to have changed, and what does this say about society as a whole?

10 – The purpose of fairy tales has been debated for centuries. Write your own version of a fairy tale- either retelling an old story in a new way or creating your own entirely- with a modern twist!

Tips on how to write an attractive Essay

If you need help writing an essay here are some tips:

1 – Bounce ideas off of someone else.  Ask them what they know about the subject or if they’ve heard anything interesting recently (this may give you inspiration for writing an essay!)

2 – Keep it short. Some people like to write essays over 1,000 words but this isn’t always necessary. Sometimes it’s more effective to get right to the point rather than taking forever with small details- plus not everyone wants to spend a huge amount of time reading your essay.

3 – Get feedback from others before you submit your final draft! Ask them if it sounds interesting, and whether or not they would read the entire thing through in one sitting.

If you want to write an amazing essay, follow these tips! However, don’t be afraid to step outside the box once in a while- that’s when creativity flourishes and great ideas are born! Make sure to have fun with it too.

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