Evaluating political risk

Evaluating political risk is an important element of country risk analysis. In fact, your personal interest relates to countries in the Middle East and North Africa region that have high political risk. Provide an overview of the regions and the reasoning behind assessing these countries that have been assessed with high political risk. Use this index to start the process of researching the regions with high political risk: https://www.prsgroup.com/regional-political-risk-index/ (Links to an external site.). Please do your own research to be able to describe the regions. Be sure to cite the sources that you use on a works cited page at the end of the assignment. Your home country market (the United States) is being challenged by price wars launched by your top three foreign competitors from three countries that do not share the same US-style antitrust tradition. Prepare a report outlining your top five strategic choices on how to respond to such challenges, discussing the pros and cons of each choice. Then identify, recommend and defend your top choice. Identify the currencies of the top three trading partners of your country in the last ten years. Find the exchange rates of these currencies, relative to your country’s currency, ten years ago and now. Explain the changes.

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