Improvement Plan: Part 3 – Implementation Plan Assignment

Implementation Plan Template in Canvas that combines the following elements into a chart form. Attach the completed template in Canvas. (Ed.D. students seeking licensure will later make revisions based on feedback on the Canvas submission and will then attach the same completed template into the School Improvement Plan Template in LiveText. This completed template is only 1 of 4 parts of the completed SIP due in Live Text in Week 7.) In order to complete this assignment, you may use an existing school improvement plan. However, to present it as your project without addressing the activities listed below is not acceptable; you must develop each aspect of the project whether it is in conjunction with an existing plan or not. The project must be as relevant to your present circumstances as possible. If this is not possible, you may approach the project as a proposal of how you would carry out the process if you were the administrator or chair of the strategic planning committee. 1. Actions, Strategies, and Interventions: Provide a detailed list of actions, strategies, and interventions that will assist you in achieving your goal. Describe the specific plan to implement the identified goals. Include the following: collaboration with stakeholders, delegation of responsibilities, leadership development of others, and resource procurement. 2. Timeline: Provide a specific timeline for how to reach each goal. 3. Resource Management: Outline how resources will be allocated to accomplish the identified goals. This may include technology, fiscal, human, and material resource allocation. Provide a complete budget. 4. Person(s) Responsible: Identify the person(s) responsible for each goal. 5. Means of Evaluation: Explain the system designed or adopted for regularly monitoring, evaluating, and revising the plan. A monitoring process is needed in order for each goal to measure progress/success.2 Attachments


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