Echo and Narcissus Greek Mythology

Who is Tiresias?  

2. What did Narcissus’ mother ask Tiresias?  

3. How did Tiresias respond and what revelation proved that his prediction was right?  

4. Define all the terms below and give one example of each type of love as presented in the story.   

a). unrequited love

b). true love

c). narcissistic love

5. Who is echo?  

6. Give one characteristic/trait of Echo.  

7. Who is Juno?  

8. What punishment did Juno give Echo and why?  

9. How did Narcissus react when Echo tried to show him affection?  

10. In what way(s) was Echo negatively affected by Narcissus’ reaction?

11. What bad prayer was prayed for Narcissus?  

12. Describe what happened to Narcissus when he went to quench his thirst?   

13. How did Narcissus behave in the underworld?

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