Case Study:Individualised Care Plan Patient Summary

Mrs Thompson is an 87-year-old woman who lives alone. She was referred to our services after a fall at home raised concerns about her safety. Upon inspection of her home, it was found that Mrs Thompson’s environment has become hazardous due to the volume of clutter and objects in the home. This plan has been established to help Mrs Thompson to continue living independently while minimising her risk of harm. Opportunity Goal Strategy Responsible person(s) Target date 1. Mrs Thompson’s home is cluttered and difficult to navigate Assist Mrs Thompson to organise her belongings and establish clear walkways through the house to eliminate hazards Mrs Thompson is to meet with an organisational specialist to help her organise her home To be arranged by Mrs Thompson’s support worker 15/10/17 A maid service will be instituted to help maintain tidiness 2. Mrs Thompson has experienced decreased mobility over the last year and is more prone to falls Implement mobility aids to help Mrs Thompson safely move around her house Supply Mrs Thompson with a walker frame Refer to Mobility Inc. 02/11/17 Install an adapted bath Install railings along the corridor Arrange a consultation with a physiotherapist To be arranged by Mrs Thompson’s support worke

Question 2

According to the care plan, as Mrs Thompson’s support worker, what are your three responsibilities in implementing the agreed strategies to achieve her goals?

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