Case Study G – Strengthening the strategy

Case Study G – Strengthening the strategy Greg and Olive own an events company that specialises in tailor-made hen and stag weekends. The organisation operates from locations covering Australia and Bail for those wanting to head overseas. Both Greg and Olive used to work for large international travel companies and recognised that there was a gap in the markets for these types of events. The couple believed that larger companies were acting immorally by charging for changes in numbers and taking large non-refundable deposits. To reflect this, all their events can be booked with just a $100 deposit for the whole party, and final numbers and payment can be confirmed just five weeks before the event. After a recent push for customer feedback, the organisation has identified that they could potentially become more attractive to clients if they expanded the range of activities available within the packages. To do this, they need to invest in networking to approach potential services that may wish to work collaboratively with them. Greg also feels like their advertising could be stronger. Jenni owns a business development company that works with organisations of all sizes to help increase their professional growth and turnover

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