CASE STUDY (100) South African entrepreneurs

CASE STUDY (100) South African entrepreneurs: Rivo Mhlari As co-founder and CEO of Rikatec, Rivoningo Mhlari has created technology that uses predictive analytics to keep vehicles on the road. Rikatec’s information management system provides real-time predictive maintenance for vehicle fleets, while monitoring driving habits, wear and tear, and breakdown detection. Rivo initially set up the company, based in Randburg on the outskirts of Johannesburg, as a marketing consultancy to host events and advise small businesses on strategy. He used the money he made to develop prototypes of the data analytics software that he had initially pitched to 11 manufacturers and insurance firms – only to have been rejected. After making it a success in reducing operational costs for fleet managers, the 24-year-old was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of young technology entrepreneurs for Africa in June 2018. He was also listed as one of ten young African technology entrepreneurs to look out for by IT News Africa the following month. (Author: Robinson, 2019. Source: Read the above case study and answer ALL the following questions:


The entrepreneurial process is dynamic, and success comes from elements coming together and supporting each other over time. Based on the case study above, critically discuss the four elements of entrepreneurship.


Evaluate the five (5) ways to get into business and analyse Rivo Mhlari’s acquisition decision in terms of getting into business for predictive analytics technology.


Critically discuss the five (5) areas through which Rikatec could potentially create competitive advantage and recommend with reasons the two most appropriate areas for the company to focus on.


Discuss the five (5) dominant forces of E-commerce and elaborate on the two most likely forces that Rikatec might utilise

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