Assess Crisis Communications

Describe the Crisis: Anne has asked you to open your analysis with a description of the crisis. In this part of your analysis, briefly summarize the sequence of events in the crisis and include all of the steps taken by the response team. Analyze the Obstacles: In your analysis, describe the specific obstacles or missteps that occurred during the crisis and in the company’s response. In this analysis, be sure to address the following: Describe specific obstacles and missteps that occurred during the crisis and determine whether they were handled appropriately and effectively. In your analysis, consider the following: Were communications from Big-Box timely, credible, and transparent? Were all aspects of the crisis response effective? Did members of the Big-Box team use all tools available to them (TV and radio interviews, infographics, etc.) to address the crisis? If not, detail additional tools that could have been used. If situations were mismanaged, how could they have been managed more appropriately and effectively? In your analysis, cite specific situations from the crisis response and offer concrete suggestions for how these obstacles could have been handled more effectively. Assess Stakeholder Roles: Throughout the crisis, various stakeholders were involved in addressing issues and responding to the public. In your analysis, describe the roles of and actions taken by these stakeholders and determine the appropriateness of their role. Future Needs: For the final component of your analysis, Anne has asked you to make recommendations for additional steps to be integrated into the company’s crisis communication plan. What to Submit Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following: Post-Incident Analysis

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