US congress

How thoroughly and informatively you answered each question from the option you chose. Your use and citation of evidence from solid academic sources, using both in-text citations and full citations at the end of your post in a standard MLA, APA or Chicago style format The quality of your writing, including spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, sentence and paragraph construction, etc. Identify one bill passed by both chambers of the US Congress during the last legislative session (you may use one from the current legislative session provided it has passed both chambers and been sent to the president). Explain what law the bill is intended to establish and whether it was signed into law by the president. Describe the main arguments for and against the bill or law. You are not taking a position at this point, just explaining the claims made by proponents and opponents of the bill as it was being debated. Use and cite at least one solid academic source in doing so. Explain whether or not you agree with the bill or law and explain why (or why not). Use and cite at least one solid academic source to make your case. I am not looking for an explanation or justification of your opinion or beliefs about the decision, but an evidence-based argument that engages with statistics, research studies, case studies, expert analysis or the like from cited, solid academic sources. For full credit, respond to another student’s post. You must respond to a student who chose a different option/topic than you did. You may agree or disagree with their position but your response should be more than just opinion – use and cite solid academic sources to deepen and extend the discussion.

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