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You will analyze and evaluate a company’s discipline and termination process. This topic could include steps in the discipline process, starting with a verbal warning and concluding with a resolution or termination. Your analysis should include who (position in the organization) carries out the discipline process, whether or not employees understand the process and feel it is fair, and what is the appeal process if any.

Probationary periods are often used as grounds for determining whether termination is necessary. In this situation, the probationary period may act as a “last chance” for the employee to improve or as a transition period before they are finally terminated. For the protection of both the employee and the employer, it is best if the following measures are taken during the probationary period: The employee should be informed that they will be undergoing a probationary period and given the reason(s) for the probation. A performance or evaluation plan should be developed and disclosed to the employee if appropriate. This may help the employee’s performance if they understand the terms of the probationary period. The employee should receive periodic reviews and feedback on their performance so that they know whether they are on the right track or not. Supplementary training should be provided to correct deficiencies. A mentor may be assigned to assist the employee in reaching the required standards, and input from other employees should be considered when evaluating the worker. A probationary period can be implemented to understand that probation is not a form of “punishment” or “time-out” for poor performance. Instead, the probationary period should be regarded as an opportunity to learn and progress as an employee.

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