Health Care Delivery Systems & Policy

In thinking about collaboration among multidisciplinary professionals and nursing professional associations as interest groups in health care policy and politics: Discuss how the outcomes of a specific legislation could impact practice and health care as a whole. Identify a legislative issue/policy change related to a workforce/patient care issue that you believe to be a priority. Include bill identifying information (e.g. title of bill, identifying number, type of legislation [state or federal], etc.). Discuss where this legislation is in the process of approval. Choose a different topic from the one discussed in previous modules. Incorporate aspects of the socio-cultural, ethical, financial/economic, political, and/or legal variables/implications that you feel support the recommended legislation. Discuss how nurse leaders could promote this change and impact the future of health care. Incorporate pertinent information gathered from reviewing the IOM report. Reflect on your personal beliefs and values related to how the role and application of nursing practice standard requirements differ from other members of the interdisciplinary team when advocating for and changing health care policy. Support this information with at least four scholarly references from peer reviewed nursing journals, readings from textbooks, and respected websites. Your paper will be scored using the written assignment rubric which requires APA format. This assignment length requirement is between 3 to 5 pages. This activity is tied to: Course Objective 3: Explain the professional responsibility of the registered nurse in terms of advocacy and political engagement. Course Objective 4: Evaluate legislative and regulatory processes including equity, access, affordability, and social justice.

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