Government Studies: Interest Groups

Identify one interest group actively lobbying Texas government regarding a topic that you care about (some groups are mentioned in the Interest Groups chapter of the textbook, others may be mentioned in news stories about the topic in which you are interested). Explain whether the group operates mainly at the international, national or state level. Describe the group’s main goals and objectives, especially regarding your chosen topic. You may use the group’s official website as a primary source. Remember to cite it properly. Make an evidence-based argument either in support of or opposition to the interest group’s objectives regarding your chosen topic. Note that “objectives” are not their overall goals, but the actions they intend to take to achieve their goals. Use and cite at least one solid academic source to make your case (do not use information from the interest group itself as a source of evidence). I am not looking for an explanation of your opinion or beliefs about the objectives, but an evidence-based argument that engages with statistics, research studies, case studies, expert analysis or the like from cited, solid academic sources

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