Discussion Questions

1) Explain the relationship between the Federal and local government concerning education policy. Which has the final word? Explain.

2) Give examples of three state-funded and three federally funded education programs. Are they effective? Explain.

3) Do you think more of our major political decisions are a result of a kind of rational actor model, or more of the bargaining model described in your textbook? Defend your rationale.

4) Your textbook defines “satisficing” as an end to searching for the best option once a satisfactory alternative has been found, irrespective of whether that satisfactory alternative is the “best” one. Do you see such a process in our debates on major issues such as health care revision and immigration reform? Explain.

5) The Christian worldview contends that a profession is more than a chosen occupation; it is a “calling.” What profession might you be called to pursue? Explain.

6) Read Chapters 6-9 of Judges. In the biblical example of Gideon, discuss how his weaknesses were used by God for a greater purpose. After reading the story of Gideon, explain how your weaknesses might be utilized for a greater purpose.

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